You define your SUCCESS

A few things I realized on this weekends seaside hike: 1. I forking miss living closer to the ocean 2. My "business" will not dictate my passion for photography 3. I define what it means for me to be "successful" I think for entrepreneurs, especially young entrepreneurs, it is hard to gauge your progress without comparing yourself to someone else. We have things like Instagram and Facebook that bombard us with the highlight reels of those around us. Extravagant overseas trips, 5 star accommodations, world class dining... Is this what it means now to be successful? Maybe. To some. I've spent a lot of time comparing myself to other photographers. Not their work (composition, editing style, etc

A Maternity Session | Vacaville, CA

I will be honest with you... just a few days before this shoot, I considered quitting photography. I thought, just get through the ones booked and then I'll hang up my camera strap and stick to my "day job". Then I shot this family's photos. I have been feeling so low and insecure about my work and felt like I just couldn't commit enough of my time to this business. I really said to my husband "I think I'm done". As I drove to this shoot I remembered how a few years ago I had enough business that I was turning down jobs because I was overbooked. As I drove down the gravel road to the shoot location, I recalled my first paid shoot that took me down a similar road to an old barn house, to a fa

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