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Am I Ready? | Woodland, CA Boudoir

Hello lonely blog. Haven't seen you in a while! I wanted to stop by today to leave you with some AMAZING boudoir shots from our last shoot. I had the pleasure of working with three lovely ladies who, yes, each of their names begin with R. It's in their family tradition that the oldest child in every family has a name that begins with R! Three generations later it is still going strong.

The most special part of working with these ladies was how many ideas they each had for their shoot! From outfits to poses, this shoot was a breeze. But not everyone comes into each shoot full of confidence and ready to strike a pose.

If you are ever feeling nervous about doing boudoir let me tell you right now - you are ready. What are you waiting for? I've heard the excuses (and yes I have fallen victim myself), "I want to lose a few pounds" or "Just need to tighten up a few areas first".

But I want to you stop telling yourself those things. You are beautiful. You are sexy. Right now. Not 5 pounds from now, not a month from now. Right now you are beautiful and deserving. Boudoir is not about looking sexy, boudoir is about feeling sexy. Bring out that inner Queen Bey (holla to all my Beyonce fans out there) and capture the goddess that is inside. Because let me tell you, if I waited to be ready for everything I did in my life I wouldn't have my two wonderful children, I probably wouldn't be married, and i probably wouldn't be doing photography for that matter.

Great things are sometimes scary things but once we take that leap there is a woman that shows up and she is FIERCE. End the negative self talk. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself.

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