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Styled Wedding Shoot | Vacaville, CA

This month I have collaborated with a couple of star vendors to put this whole shoot together. There were a few snags along the way (model cancellations, venue cancellations) however we were able to pull it off! These hiccups only mean next time we will come back bigger and better!

I am seriously so lucky to have the support system I have and if it weren't for an amazing network of friends and professionals, this shoot would not have happened.

The florals for this shoot are all thanks to Pearson's Florist of Vacaville. Jackie Ricketts of Pearson's put together the most beautiful arrangements specific to each dress that was originally chosen for this shoot (more on that in a bit). I told her I would like to keep in the realm of the upcoming fall and winter seasons and let her put her creativity to work! Out of this came the most beautiful arrangements. One bouquet and one hair piece and honestly, they speak for themselves.

Hairpiece by Pearson's Florist

Bouquet by Pearson's Florist

For make up, I collaborated with Maranda Morehead. She just has the gift. She has a way of highlighting a person's natural beauty that I just love. As we were joking about our makeup horror stories at the MAC counter and terrible high school trends (that we wished never happened) I gawked over her treasure trove of makeup supplies. Cue Little Mermaid "Look at this stuff... Isn't it neat?"

Maranda did an amazing job with the girls and is so friendly, it really felt like having one of your girlfriends over to hang out. And just look at her work! Natural and glamorous all at the same time. Perfect for your big day.

And lastly I can't forget my amazing model, Mayte! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I had a last minute cancellation so I was out a model AND a dress. Mayte swooped in last minute to save the day and as you can see the camera loved her.

This photo shoot could not be possible without all of you amazing vendors. Thank you again everyone. You can bet you will be hearing from me soon! You can view this entire set here.

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