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Our new motorhome!

I once read something along the lines of "there's no better feeling than giving someone a gift they can never repay". Well this year my husband and I have been on the receiving end of many blessings, some of these being material possessions. One very significant and life changing gift we've received this year is this 1978 Holiday Rambler.

(Hi husband! 🙋)

To make a long story short, my husband's grandparents passed this old beauty down to us. We accepted with little to no hesitation.

This weekend was our first trip using the motorhome, the "maiden voyage" as my husband liked to call it.

We (okay just James) learned the ropes on how to use the motorhome, played around with all the fancy gadgets and in general, we got to enjoy camping with one another.

(We even made ice cream from scratch using a HAND CRANKED ice cream maker. Just like James did with his grandparents when he was our children's age.)

(Above photo from James' grandparents' NEW motorhome)

Cranking that thing is harder than it looks! But if you don't help crank you don't get any ice cream ;)

More than just having a sweet motorhome, we now have an excuse to go out on the weekends more with one another and enjoy life away from cell phone service and wifi. James and I are both so happy we can provide memories like this for the kids and it's all the more special that we can do it with this special gift from Gramma and Poppa.

Enjoy your family & don't let a single moment pass you by.



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