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Ponderosa Tattoo | Vacaville, CA

Hey guysss. It's-a-me, Iris.

Life updates:

I'm seeing a chiropractor tomorrow, wish me luck 😬

Debating getting bangs again (convince me not to)

Oh yeah, and James (the hubby) is now an apprentice at Ponderosa Tattoo!

I can tell you that this was completely and totally unexpected. I actually took these photos while Ponderosa Tattoo owner, Justin Horan, had a different apprentice. So when I say this was unexpected, it was truly unexpected lol.

Ponderosa Tattoo is not like any other tattoo shop in the area. It's super welcoming, not intimidating at all, and if the wall to wall flash art doesn't tell you this is the place to be, have a whirl with the flash tattoo dispenser! It will spit out an $80 predrawn tattoo at random.

The apprentice pictured below (jean vest) is no longer at the shop lol - super awkwaaaard. But I liked the picture so 🤷‍♀️

Owner Justin definitely breaks the stereotype of tattoo artist and I think that's what makes Ponderosa so welcoming. Not to mention my husband is at the front counter now! lol shout out to the hubby. So if you see that face tell him you read my blog 😂

One of my favorite parts of the shop (besides the dark green walls perfect for selfies. hello, aestheticcc) is the taxidermy bison above the front door.

This shop has tons of old school and thrifted touches hidden throughout. Another thing that makes this place so unique.

Picking out a tattoo artist isn't like picking out which brand of milk to buy at the store. You want someone who is knowledgable, accountable, and duh, skilled. Justin has been tattooing for 14 years and has clients all over California and Nevada!

If you haven't already seen the shop, stop on by, say hello, and check em out. They are on the corner of Dobbins and Kendal, across from the Downtown Library.


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