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San Francisco Engagement

Fran and Jonny have to be one of my favorite couples ever. They are so fun, so loving, and some of the kindest people you will meet. When planning for their engagement shoot they knew they were going for elegance and class. One of my favorite places to shoot is right on the San Francisco coast - I knew this would be the perfect spot for their style.

Fabulous Fran brought three different dress options with her to showcase her glamorous style and Jonny did not skimp on his fashion choices either.

Not only were these two committed to show stopping outfits for their photos, they fully committed to the walk right up to the coast to catch some amazing waves against the sunset.

My favorite part of the day was at the end of our shoot. As I was walking back up off of the shore, I turn to see Jonny slipping Fran out of her heels into a comfy pair of shoes and handing her his flask out of his sports coat. Little moments like these are what I LIVE FORRR. Aren't they the cutest?!


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