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Bath time for baby James

This Sunday we started demo on our main hallway bathroom. I've been wanting to renovate our bathroom for a while now but I have a confession: our backyard has also been torn apart since last week. 🙈

We wanted to redo our bathroom completely (diy, because we are insane) and our first step was to destroy everythiiiing. The "Welcome to the 60s" baby blue tile, the nasty yellow linoleum, and even the sheet rock. Here is my first tip for those wanting to embark on any DIY home project: make sure you have no other projects going on! With our backyard torn apart also, awaiting it's own renovation, we have a pretty chaotic house right now. Not to mention the car that is taken apart in the garage in need of repairs.

After taking the sledgehammer to the bathroom for a good portion of the morning, we decided to take a break (if you can call it that) to continue working on the backyard. This little guy was busy helping me pull weeds, dig dirt, and garden. So busy in fact, we skipped right over nap time. Once he started climbing into my lap, fists full of dirt and one shoe on, I knew it was game over.

We brushed the dirt off of us, stepped inside, and... oh... right... the bathroom is torn apart. Naturally this means bath time in the sink! As you can see we have a little garden project on the window sill of our kitchen sink as well.

Life isn't always picture perfect, and in the background chaos ensues, but precious little moments like these I want to remember always. Even the little pots of dirt on the window sill.

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