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AKJ Family Portraits | Vacaville & Dixon, CA

I've done two shoots with this family now and am so excited to continue working with them. They always have great ideas for their photo shoots and are so fun to work with.

The first shoot started in their (gorgeous) home.

After a cozy home session we moved on to capture some glorious golden light.

And of course I couldn't miss getting some photos of just Mom and Dad...

And if you thought their outfits were cute this day you ain't seen nothin...

Oh and how on earth did I get so lucky to find these colorful walls? Scouting. Hard core scouting locations lol.

I just also have to give a shout out to H&M for really stepping up their kids department with this little Ramones tee. How adorable is thaaaat.

Vans you may as well sponsor me, I mean seriously.

Hello golden light. ugh.

They are so fun 🖤

And to top off the whole shoot, little J here whipped out his SUPER POWERS for us! Who knew?

And off he goes, the humble super hero, running off into the city...

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