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BOUDOIR at B.I.G. by Headspace | Suisuin City, CA

I am sooo late on posting these but trust me it is worth the wait! I recently hosted a boudoir event at B.I.G. by Headspace in Suisun City, CA, and it made for a huge day of shooting! I had back to back clients and later that evening I went off to do another shoot for almost 20 high school seniors! Ahhh! Talk about a crazy day.

These shoots are some of the most fun portrait shoots I do not only because we are jamming out to music and just in general having a good time, but because I love hyping up my friends

In the picture above my client brought her boyfriend's shirt that she haaates. Which was so funny because before she told me she hates when he wears it, I told her how much I loved it! lol But how sweet was it that she chose that to pose with. I love when my clients bring in special items like this.

My first shoot of the day was a total knock out. Like you would think she does this professionally.


The next girl I had come in brought the cutest velvet bralette (pssst you can find one here. Hell yeah I did my research). She came ready to work.

This was one of my favorite outfits of the day. I recommended she bring a kimono and she brought this gorgeous lace one you see here.

Oh and if you are looking for a similar silk kimono, I got you fam.

Not only were these girls gorgeous and total naturals in front of the camera but this studio. WAS. A. LOOK. Such cool boho vibes, yet sophisticated and modern.

Our next outfit was out of a little client closet my creative director (holla at Kristin) put together. Leave her a comment and tell her how amazing she is for putting this wardrobe together. 👇

This onesie is so cute and still super sexy. Rompers are so understated but they are seriously my faaave.


My last shoot of the day was with a killer gorgeous model. She even got to go on a cruise with Inked magazine! #goals

I am all about the alternative look and her hair was giving me some serious FOMO.

And to be 10000% honest with you, I do retouch my boudoir photos but I had to do almost ZERO retouching on any of these. Like... why are you perfect.

I can not get over how amazing this shoot went with all the ladies and I'm so thankful for all of the continued support I've been getting from not only my clients but my community.

Thank you again to B.I.G. by Headspace, the studio was so dreamy and so so so fun to work in. I will definitely be returning soon. What do you think, do you see yourself maybe doing couples portraits here?

I usually only do boudoir once a year but this shoot seriously made me reconsider. If you are interested in doing a boudoir shoot here or at any other location drop me a comment below or send me an email!

Thanks for reading babes.



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